Restraining Order

Why File a Restraining Order?

There are some experiences in life which we all hope to avoid, but when domestic abuse occurs, the right actions have to be taken. If you or your children are stuck in a violent, abusive or potentially life threatening situation, then clearly something has to change. The law can be complicated and scary, but it can also be very helpful when we need it.  Having an experience Restraining Order Attorney or domestic abuse attorney in San Jose, CA, could make a real difference for you and your family.

There are many different situations of course, and to some extent every individual case is unique.  However, there are also similar patterns and experiences which we have seen, and fundamental rights such as personal safety and respect which we all understand. The help available by law in matters of restraining orders and child custody are there for a reason, and when needed it, can be genuinely life changing.  One thing to keep in mind is that if there are negative patterns developing in a relationship and you are starting to feel threatened, then it’s always worth reaching out and talking to someone. Ignoring something and hoping it will just go away without doing anything is not usually the best option.

When you contact a professional lawyer for help, you should feel able to talk and to trust that you understand everything that is happening. For example, when consulting with counsel, you would receive some information about what is possible under the law, and what options you have, but you should also feel in control of how you wish to proceed. The sensitive and personal nature of these situations calls for high levels of discretion and careful handling by professionals. Experience and knowledge are important, and special protocols are also in place to ensure everyone is kept safe and that the right actions are taken.

A Domestic Abuse Attorney in San Jose, CA, will be able to explain the real facts about what the law can and cannot do, while also addressing and helping with any immediate concerns if there is clear and present danger.  There are times when the police may need to be involved, but very often, the use of the family court and counsel, and the commencement of legal proceedings can be very effective in diffusing a hostile situation. Eventually, things can change for the better as you move forward and feel protected.  A Restraining Order can be an important part of getting the other party to comply with behaving respectfully and  with an understanding that there could be civil and criminal consequences for failing to comply.

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