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When individuals’ personal and economic circumstances change substantially, so can the terms of their California court orders. At the Law Offices of Andrew G. Marcellino, we assist clients throughout Northern California who need to modify their obligations due to changing circumstances and to enforce current obligations when proposed changes are objectionable.

Santa Clara County Custody And Support Modification Attorney

California courts can approve custody arrangements, family support and other obligations in certain circumstances, for example:

  • Child custody modifications — If you are offered a job out of state and you wish to relocate with your child, or you intend to retain access to your child after your move
  • Child support modifications — If you lost a job and cannot afford to pay as much in child support as you could when you were working
  • Child visitation modifications — If you successfully completed a treatment program and wish to expand your role in your children’s lives
  • Spousal support modifications — If your former spouse has received substantial income that should be accompanied by an increase in your spousal support or your children’s support payments
  • Child safety modifications — If the other parent, or someone he or she associates with, is violent toward your children or threatens to harm them

Negotiation As An Alternative To Trial

Judges are more likely to approve modifications requests if both sides can work out the details prior to going to court. If the parties do not agree on a modified visitation schedule, the judge will make a decision on modification based on what is in the best interest of the children.

Attorney Marcellino is familiar with modification requests, and he can negotiate with your co-parent or former spouse to achieve terms that have a greater chance of being approved. If a compromise is not possible, he will use all appropriate financial information and other evidence to prove your arguments to a judge — whether you seek a modification or you wish to stop a modification from being approved.

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