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The “best interests” of the child is the overriding consideration in any California child custody decision. However, what a judge considers to be the best interest for your child may not be what you consider it to be. Custody is determined largely by a list of legal factors and how a judge interprets those factors.

At the Law Offices of Andrew G. Marcellino, in San Jose, California, we assist clients who seek child custody. Our experienced team understand how California child custody decisions work, and he can discuss your situation with you. Ultimately, we can help you pursue the legal custody, physical custody and visitation you desire as part of your parenting plan.

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California courts weigh these and other factors when determining child custody:

  • The quality of the child’s relationships with each parent
  • Responsibility of each parent for care of the child
  • Any physical abuse or neglect of the child while under a parent’s care
  • The effect on a child of adjusting a visitation schedule
  • The paternity of the child

California courts tend to favor living arrangements that are least disruptive to a child. They also support maintaining the child’s continuing relationships with both parents, whenever possible.

These factors do not preclude parents from negotiating their own parenting plans, but merely set parameters for those negotiations. Whether you seek to negotiate a parenting plan, or are compelled to take the matter to court, our attorney has the experience and resolve to represent you effectively.

Can I Modify My Visitation Schedule?

When a parent’s circumstances change significantly, such as due to relocation, job loss or gain, a criminal conviction, or rehabilitation following a conviction, the terms of the parenting plan can be changed through a petition for a modification of child custody terms. If you need to establish child custody or to modify the terms of a custody arrangement, our attorney can assist you.

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