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A major challenge for any divorcing couple is to divide assets. Determining who gets the house, the cars, the pets, retirement accounts and other assets can be just as difficult as deciding who gets the debts. At the Law Offices of Andrew G. Marcellino, we assist clients through all steps of a divorce.

Dividing Assets And Debts

Santa Clara County Asset Distribution Attorney

California is a community property state. This means that assets and debts you acquired during a marriage must be divided either equitably between parting spouses by the court or by an agreement reached out of court (such a prenuptial agreement or divorce settlement).

Two kinds of property are recognized in California divorces, community property and separate property:

  • Community property pertains to assets and properties acquired after a marriage, including houses, cars, savings, pensions and investments.
  • Separate property pertains to assets and property that a married couple brought into the marriage or acquired after they separated.

Our seasoned attorney, Andrew Marcellino, is a former corporate contract negotiator and financial analyst. Meet with him, and he can review your situation thoroughly, examine your financial documents, and determine if any disputed assets or debts should be considered community or separate property.

Because Attorney Marcellino is experienced, he can also advise you as to whether a court is likely to agree. Aided by his advice, you will have a greater opportunity to get what you want and need from your divorce.


San Jose Property Division Attorney

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