Child Custody

Help Is Nearby

When it feels like there is no way out, or that nobody understands, you should know that there are many possibilities of help which you might not have known or considered. When it comes to serious family problems, feelings such as guilt, failure, embarrassment and regret are all too common, but there are ways of dealing with situations which can help you find new hope for a better future. It might not always come to court proceedings, but sometimes this really is necessary – especially when children are in danger.

Child Custody issues can be complex and it might seem easier not to face up to them, but they’re also really important and must be through. With the right professionals in your corner, the good news is that child custody can be sorted out with the safety and best interests of everyone, particularly the children, as a top priority. If restraining orders are needed, this can be determined by honest and open discussion and by using the knowledge and experience of the right lawyers.

Finding a lawyer you can trust and who has the best and most helpful intentions will be a crucial part of the process. With an initial meeting, you should get the feeling that they are on your side and that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. With sensitive discussions around the current situation and about what kind of outcome you would prefer, you will have a starting point from which to begin making the best decisions and starting to bring about some changes.  The details can be worked through in time, and with professional legal guidance and advice you can rest assured that you’re working within the law, and that you will get the help you need.

In some extreme cases of domestic violence, whether physical, psychological or both, there can be high levels of anxiety, or fear. It can be difficult to think clearly when in this state, and again, having an experienced legal professional who cares enough to help, will make all the difference to the outcome. All of the discussions, processes and other communications will be done discreetly and with full awareness of the kinds of threats and pressures involved.

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